Targeted Case Management

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Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management services offered in Lexington, Richmond and Winchester, KY

Targeted case management allows you to focus on recovering and healing from your mental health challenges by coordinating the services you need beyond DeNova. Your case manager finds and navigates the services that support your ability to stay healthy and function in the community, whether you need transportation to appointments or health care from specialists. To learn if you could benefit from targeted case management, call the office in Lexington or Richmond, Kentucky.

What is targeted case management?

Case management connects you with the specific services you need to achieve your goals. Your case management is always targeted because it’s based on screenings and evaluations that identify your medical, psychological, behavioral, and functional needs.

Your entire DeNova treatment team (including your case manager) works with you to create a care plan outlining all your needs. While DeNova takes care of your medication and counseling, your case manager finds other services throughout the community that help meet all your goals.

Targeted case management allows you to get help for every aspect of your life, resulting in genuinely comprehensive care even when the services fall outside those provided at DeNova.

What role does targeted case management have in my care?

Targeted case management encompasses many services, including:

  • Coordinating your services beyond medication management and counseling
  • Navigating the many services available in your community
  • Helping you complete the (often complex) process of requesting services
  • Connecting with your health insurance provider to get approval for services
  • Proactively recommending service providers
  • Monitoring the services you receive 
  • Evaluating your progress and determining if you need ongoing services
  • Serving as your advocate with different providers
  • Helping you access services (finding transportation or scheduling appointments)

Throughout all your targeted case management services, you are an essential member of the team. Your case manager depends on you to express your opinions, let them know if there are additional community-based services you need, and participate in decisions.

What services might I receive through targeted case management?

Think of any support or care you might need to meet your health care needs, thrive in the community, get a job, and live life. That’s the type of service your case manager helps you find. This could include finding:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Workforce development programs
  • Stable housing or rental assistance
  • Financial resources for treatment
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Food pantries
  • Expungement
  • Disability determination
  • DUI intervention

The actual services you receive depend on variables such as their availability in your community, waiting lists, qualifications you may or may not meet, and financial resources. However, your case manager guides every step and advocates on your behalf, doing as much as possible to support your health and wellness.

Targeted case management helps to coordinate and navigate your healthcare needs. If you could use case management services, call DeNova or book an appointment online today.