Hope, healing, & happiness are closer than you think


DeNova’s mission is to help individuals break free from addiction and achieve sobriety, promising a new life full of hope and healing.



DeNova comes from a Latin phrase meaning “from the beginning”. Starting anew requires a determination to become sober and stay sober. Addiction is complex and is different for each person, based on individual characteristics and the addictive substance. The idea behind DeNova is to help to nurture a new attitude.



DeNova’s protocols are customized to the needs of the patient. While we take into consideration many components of recovery, our clinicians focus on getting the patient to a productive state. Employment, faith, friends, and family are part of the critical success factors to recovery. A family setting can help give a patient the support network required to get and stay sober. Our professionals seek to understand the personal motivation factors that drive recovery and then provide clients with the mental and physical building blocks that start them on their journey to happiness, hope, and healing.


DeNova is contracted with Kentucky Medicaid (Humana CareSource, Passport, WellCare, and Aetna Better Health). We are also in network with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kentucky. The patient may have copay responsibility depending on their plan. Only if a patient is uninsured will DeNova accept cash payments.


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We can help with job placement, transportation, referrals, outpatient transition, and ongoing support.